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so several people said they were interested in having a BDSM thread. I've been offline most of the last two weeks-but noticed it hasn't been started (at least not anywhere I can find it!) so I'm starting one.

I haven't much of an idea what to say... but thought (hoped) that if I start it some other more knowledgable posters will pipe in and fill in the BIG HUGE GAPS.

For myself-it's a very limited situation-and limited experience. I came out poly in late Sept. '09. Shortly there-after came out to my husband (and bf) that I desire to be a sub to their Dom.

We've basically agreed to work on the details of making our V relationship smoothly work before we move forward with BDSM activities/plans. So we have been working on our V details and talking off hand about the other. Mostly collecting info on interests, dis-interests etc as we go along. But no other significant steps taken.

Would LOVE to hear from all of you with experience and willingness to share about your thoughts, ideas, experiences, concerns, feelings, dreams, wishes, hopes, worries, frustrations etc on the topic.
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