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Originally Posted by Nadya View Post
The problem is in the choice of a new life. I am fine with all people already existing here - it makes sense to try and make their lives the best possible. Also, I am sure I would love my child and take good care of them.
I don't have time at the moment to answer the other part of the question, but this just jumped out at me - if you and your partners are ready and willing to have a child, but you can't make the choice to create new life, but you are fine with the already existing people, in fact, would want to improve their lives, and have the skill, love and stability to do so... why not adopt?

I've never adopted, so I don't know the hassles or details or anything - but wouldn't that be a better solution than trying to convince yourself to go off birth control? Give some child a better life than they would have 'in the system'?
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