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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
When you struggle to keep your weight up (enough to please the doctors), giving up food (putting yourself on a restrictive diet) for lent is probably not the wisest choice. One of the three might have been more reasonable. I'm sure there were plenty of things other than food that would have even been just as hard to give up for 40 days.
I prefer fish and seafood. I could be content with living a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. If I eat red meat a couple of times a month, that is more than enough. I cut it out prior to Lent, and I have not missed it at all.

Sugar is the only thing I really gave up for Lent because it is my weak spot. Bread was secondary. I got a late start this year because the food and wine festival was going on. I succumbed to temptation and had doughnuts last week. Fried, filled with jelly, and drizzled with icing. I do not need to eat that rich gelato from Gelato Messina. I also do not need that 10 kg Cadbury bar from Costco. I do not need red velvet cupcakes or triple chocolate/fudge Ghirardelli brownies. 40 days without will not break me.

I gave up bread because I gave up sugar. I have quirks when it comes to food. I cannot eat crumpets without honey and whipped ricotta. I cannot eat scones without cream and rose petal jam. I cannot eat croissants without mascerated strawberries and mascarpone. I will only eat a bagel if has been lightly toasted and topped with fresh preserves. I will not eat French toast if it is not on brioche and does not have some type of berry compote. No sugar, no bread. The goal of this trio is not to lose weight, though.

I know what size I look and feel good at. My GP wants me to gain about 7 kgs. All of it would go straight to my bum and hips. IMO, that is too much for my frame. I gain weight in my lower half. I am not trying to give Kim K. a run for her money in the bum department. I agreed to gain weight in muscle.

I am not a walking lollipop. I do not have bones protruding. Thigh gaps are not appealing. There is no scale in our home. No mirrors are covered. I never have days where I think I look fat. Do I love every single cm of skin? No, but I like my body and the skin I am in. The biggest sources of discomfort are the scars from his surgery and my C-section. Nothing I can do about either. *shrug*
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