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Default Polyamory making our intimacy and bond stronger?

We've been gently getting closer going into this for the last few years for the fact that the thought of us being with a woman together or with other partners separately has made our intimacy even stronger in the times we discuss it. We've been around each other nearly non stop for over 6 years and quite frankly, things have gotten stagnant more than once, however the thought of him pleasing another lover, her pleasing him and vice versa for him and who I might be with, it's reignited the spark in our relationship that I thought was dead. I'm talking that we were intimate maybe once a month or less during the last year or two.

He's just about to meet his first potential secondary, and his desire for me since speaking to her for a week has been stronger than ever. While I was jealous at first of their communications as it's now a fantasy becoming reality, I am sitting here thinking to myself "Wow, I haven't felt this strongly for him in years..and him for, this is amazing". Last couple of weeks since actively looking again, it's been a couple times a week and now this week since the excitement has kicked in, it's been every day! I'm feeling that connection between him and I that I thought we might have lost.

Our relationship has never just been about sex, he's my best friend and soul mate and regardless of the frequency of sex, we would stay together. It's just really refreshing and wonderful that this is doing what it is for us.

I'm almost feeling euphoric about it right now and cannot wait for him to meet her to see if there's some connection between them. Though I'm wary of her past relationship he told me about, I need to give him the benefit of the doubt and let him find out for himself and make the decision.

I made him read quite a bit of poly material and I think since he understand where I'm coming from, he's showing me a lot of extra affection and intimacy right now, but I also think it's the excitement that he's feeling and I'm feeling euphoric from it, which I never thought I'd do. Since he's only going to see her once a week to start, maybe twice, there's still a lot of time for us together and I think her presence in his life is going to be positive for our relationship.

I love some of these feelings, and some of them I don't, but it certainly seems the positive feelings are starting to outweigh the negative for sure. Were any of you in our place before entering into this and did it change things positively like it seems to be doing for us?

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