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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I'm not sure what you mean GS, "need" and "desire" are different no? well I suppose they could be seen as similar also. What is it about, that you need a distinction between the two?

Lets say we did replace "need" with "strongly desire," what would the difference be to you?
Ok - here's what I'm getting at. See if I can make this make sense
If I were to "strongly desire" something (or someone) I would be accepting the possibility that it might not appear. I would "own" that desire and take full responsibility for my action/reaction to it's absence by either dropping the desire as unrealistic or unachievable or maybe modifying it accordingly.

If I believed that something was a "need", I would be acknowledging that in it's absence, my actual survival/existence would be threatened. It was such a critical part of me that I would cease to function with it missing.

Maybe this is just another example of semantics but it's the kind of thing that needs clarity in order to carry on an informed conversation. Even if, for example, you go to and look up "need" you find the same conflicting meanings. One basically alluding to a "requirement/necessity" and another alluding to "desire". To me that's calling a cat a dog !
A plant for example both NEEDs light and also desires it. It will reach for it. In it's absence - it DIES. THAT is NEED ! On the other hand, it will grow and blossom if given sufficient quantities. If insufficient it will always be less than it could be.
And I guess I look at love in humans in much the same framework. Lacking love, we will always be less than we can/should be. Be we would continue to exist, as sad as that existence might be. We can find people around us every day that are testament to that.

Now - the reason I feel this distinction is so critical is that our reaction to this need/desire will be based on that definition. If our existence is threatened - we will kill for it ! And various other extreme reactions.
If we we see it as a "desire" our reactions should not be as severe. We went into it with full awareness of it's unpredictable nature and are likely to react accordingly and in proper perspective.

I suspect we can all think back on numerous examples of actions of ourselves or others that were totally out of proportion to the reality (and expectations) of the situation.

Does that make better sense ?


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