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Thanks for the comment, JRiverMartin. I don't see how your definition of poly applies to me. I understand it and appreciate it, which enables me to embrace this relationship, but it is definitely a mono/poly relationship, which are well documented.

Simply put I cannot have two lovers at the same time. My wiring doesn't work that way LOL! I can't even share sexual activities on a playful level with another when I am intimately connected to someone. Trust me, I thought I could love/lust lots of women at the same time when I was married! I was married for sixteen good years but there were incidents. I was not intimately connected with my wife during these times and in fact for several years.

Maybe in the future my fundamental nature of monogamy will change and there is definitely times I wish I was polyamorous in the classical sense..or even just more open or casual sexually. Not because I want other women, but because it would make my own understanding and security greater and maybe dilute my worry about losing her. I enjoy being monogamously intimate and in love with my partner. I also enjoy being a little different and the confusion this sometimes causes to both my monogamous and polyamorous friends. I love how our relationship as a "v" has grow and done so in such a natural way. We are all very happy and the depth and communication is incredible.

I do understand the difficulties in understanding the differences in our intimate natures but I do not engage in debates to justify either. I know this works because it does. I am experiencing it.

If it weren’t for my girlfriend’s polyamorous nature I never would have been accepted into her life and experienced this level of connection. That would be incredibly sad.
Thanks again!

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