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Default Where will we end up?

Maca moved out.
He's living in a motorhome about 45 miles away.

He broke up with his girlfriend too-well.. he told her he's calling off the sexual nature of their relationship, I'm not sure if that means BROKE UP or just on hold. It wasn't important, I didn't think to ask.

He's working on dealing with his own emotional baggage.

He told me that he's been lying to himself, trying to "smile until you like it" sort of thing all of this time and he can't do it anymore. He says he hates GG and can't forgive us for the past. He says he doesn't want to share me.

He also says he loves me. He doesn't want a divorce even if we aren't going to be together. He asked me if we could still be friends no matter what.

GG, Mimi, the kids and I are all still living in the house. Maca can't permanently stay in the motorhome. But-in order for him to get his own place (if he decides to make this more permanent) we're going to have to do some finagling to make finances here work and leave him with enough for him as well. That makes me nervous.

I don't want him to make this permanent or semi-permanent. But when I told him I was poly a year ago-I committed myself to accepting that if he couldn't deal with it, I would let go without a fight.
God damn it hurts though.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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