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Default confused about a new realtionship

Im not new to poly I was made aware of it 3 yrs ago.

Over the last year Ive been very attracted both mentally and physcially to a friend of mine and my GFs. This friend A and her husband are both swingers, which is something Ive struggled to get my head around. They have both shown that they wanted something further then friendship with me and they visited us last weekend things happened.

since the weekend A is saying she doesnt want to be on the swinging scene any more, and is going to tell hubby tonight but she isnt prepared to rule out things going further with me. She says its diffrent with me and that to her Ive never been part of that side of her life.

I dont want to start to get my hopes up but I cant help feeling a really intense bond with her, and I know Im in love with her. I cant help wondering if shes getting these feelings because shes in fact poly.

She says that the hardest thing about swining for her was that she never felt a bond with those she was sleeping with, and often they didnt make contact with them after or if they did it was only to arrange more bedroom action.

Is she coming around to being poly or am I getting myself hopeful
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