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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Your bf had 3 partners, you, Chatty and his wife?

His wife doesnt live with him, but you do? Or she's chillin in the house somewhere but not hanging our with her husband or you much?

You moved in with him when Chatty moved out? Or she didn't live with him?
This is the one where the guy bought the house next door to his wife's house for the OP to live in with her kids after she spent her inheritance to pay off her ex so he would let her take the kids out of state. Now she has no money and this Darling is supporting her and her teenage kids, one of which needs expensive medication. Meanwhile, the wife is keeping track of every cent "darling" spends, and won't let the OP decorate or hang family photos in the new house in which the OP lives.
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