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One of the more effective self-checks that I've been employing lately is to maintain a much greater awareness of when I'm mentally playing the tape forward when thinking about certain events/situations, and forcing myself to recognize when I'm making predictions about the future based on assumptions that may be wildly incorrect and/or based on past events that aren't really germane to whatever event/situation I'm thinking about. I've realized that I sometimes have a tendency to assign malicious or untrustworthy motives to people when they really aren't there, or to incorrectly perceive mere thoughtlessness as malice.

So, whenever I find myself stewing about something that HASN'T EVEN HAPPENED YET, I recognize what I'm doing, stop doing it, and consciously re-assign positive motives instead of malicious motives to everyone involved in the event/situation. When I then re-analyze, things seem invariably less threatening and often more humorous.
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