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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
I also shiver a bit when I hear anyone throw out a statement about being "wired" for anything ! That's real dangerous & debatable territory.

Hi GS,

I have a tendency to react swiftly when people question my own "wiring" and I think I understand that a bit more through your comments.
For me specifically, because I am the only one who knows what I feel, there is a frustration in repeatedly trying to convey the black and whiteness of it all LOL!

When the idea of wiring is questioned I think I probably experience the same emotions as someone who comes out to their parents as gay and they respond with "you don't have to be gay, you just think you are, you aren't really gay". I personally believe that there are men wired to love other men and women wired to love other women. I think there are also people wired to love pansexually.

I accept the concept of wiring because I live it. Just like I accept that a man's spirit can be encased in a woman's body although I don't think science has figured that out yet? I have a basic need for people around me to accept that…not understand that, just accept it. Perhaps I am the only “wired” mono person in the world..who knows?

Thank you for the insights.

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