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Default Wiring

I think both Red & Ceoli have made valid points in this discussion. I relate to Red when she bring up (basically) "Why does it matter" because sometimes we tend to "think" ourselves into a "can't see the tree for the forest" situation. And that I agree with !
And yet Ceoli raises the important point that in trying to build broader awareness and better understanding/communication, we have to toss stuff like this on the table occasionally. Being someone with some reasonable background in brain chemistry myself and trying to stay somewhat current with developments, I also shiver a bit when I hear anyone throw out a statement about being "wired" for anything ! That's real dangerous & debatable territory.
But I do firmly believe that the ONE thing we are all "wired" for is a need for safety & security. And a second high amperage circuit there is connected to keeping things......predicable....known. We tend to resist change - be it in in our lifestyle or our thinking. It requires energy and threatens to pull us out of our "comfort" zone. We don't like that ! (most of us)
And what bigger tiger is there to threaten our security & comfy zone than having all the "values" we were raised with tossed out as bait ? But maybe - just maybe the tiger is paper ? Whether to "fight or flee" (that basic wiring) is in the end very much an individual choice. Some are braver than others. And some have found lots of paper tigers.

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