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In posts elsewhere, I've seen Mono refer to his mono-world view as a black-and-white view of things. I thought that was odd when I read it. But then, I'm not really a black-and-white type myself, and I just put it down to differences between people.

And now I'm thinking that the whole mono - poly dynamic is actually a spectrum, with monogamy at one end and polyamory at the other. Somehow that spectrum includes all and any variations, such as polygamy, swinging etc.

I'm pretty certain that I am poly by nature, but I've been kind of suckered into the dominant normative standard way of doing things by society, family etc.

I've made a start at trying to open my long term relationship (I started a thread about it here), and so I'm finding these discussions very interesting.

I have often found myself at semantic and ideological odds with people about words and concepts such as have been listed above. And quite often, during the following discussion, friends have said something like "wow, I never thought about it that way before... that makes a lot of sense..." This kind of response makes it look as if a lot of what people think they think is in fact conditioning rather than hard-wiring.
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