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I don't know how big of a city you are in, or what poly support might be out there (and I'll leave it to more experienced people like RP and Mono to give you useful advice) but when I first started, meeting poly and poly friendly people was VERY helpful. Just for boardgames, BBQs, and cuddle parties, the chance to meet like minded people was very helpful, and I imagine might make somebody who was not so sure if they were comfortable or not get a better idea of some of the benefits of having a support network like that - OR if they were not interested.
Good luck to you, I know you feel like you MUST see what is up with BF, but you did marry your husband for a reason, so I imagine you care about him enough to take it slow and let him know you want him to feel as loved as you want to be yourself. From past experience I know if one person isn't ready, things can backfire in a very bad way if things progress too hastily.
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