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People who can't drive at - or faster than - the speed limit. I HAVE SHIT TO DO!!

No one in Maryland knows what a turn signal is. I want a potato gun in my truck, just for each and every one of these morons. If they can't use it, they won't mind if I shoot it out, right?

People who think they have the right to tell me I can't smoke. Look, you've already made it illegal to smoke indoors in public. Now we have to go outside. Stop whining because we're smoking by the door, you got your way and this is the result. And yes, I know smoking is bad for me. ALL SMOKERS KNOW THIS. I'll stop when I'm good and ready to.

The religious right. Enough said.

People who randomly IM me for no apparent reason, and expect a conversation out of me. If I wanted to talk to you, I would have called you on the phone. I love you, now leave me the hell alone.

People who are willfully and willingly ignorant and stupid. True ignorance is one thing - that's acceptable, because it can be fixed and people who are truly ignorant of something generally don't like being ignorant. But when you deliberately ignore obvious facts because they're inconvienient or challenge your comfort zone, this is unacceptable. I WILL thorw these things in your face deliberately, to show you just how foolish you really are being, and your precious 'comfort zone' can go get f***ed.

I think I'm done for now
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