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Originally Posted by amitabhisgood View Post
If "this someone" or your bro+sis happen to drop in at Kolkata, would like to catch up. Its been 3 odd years in Kolkata for me. So still in the mode to meet new people. Especially as my work also requires me to meet new people and connect with them.
you mean you moved in kolkata after married?
and what's your job?

you know, these 2 friends of mine are coming to india every year since many years for they are very firm and sweet and clever devotees, so i don't know..
i mean: it's very easy to make smashed potatos of One's own life in meeting and creating a connection to people who are so linked to the ancient Veda (just to be clear) while that One is living in "mundanity" -or in the Pagan dimension as i do, for instance.
i don't want to hurt anyone, but i must say that the Veda have been one of the major scripts who pushed humans to such extreme points like excessive shame, sense of dirty in sex, sense of guilt in eating meat, supremacy of men above women, etc..
even when someone is a very clever devotee, this substratum shows itself in connexions with other humans, you know what i mean?!

Originally Posted by urmila View Post
thanks neegoola
even though i was little taken aback when he suggested it. But after thinking a lot about it and reading some of the material on polymory, i am quite willing to try it, even though i have not said yes to him until now, since i feel there is a lot to be discussed between ourselves before we can broach it with the other couple
very good! i think it's a very good Option to take minute by minute what your Reality tells you to do
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