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Excluding my most recent meteor relationship, all of mine had started at a bar...I wasn't looking for anything beyond that night.

My first 7 year relationship, I met her...I a house party. ummm...I was 17 and she was coming after me badly. She was 23. I was hooking up with another girl at the time. It was fun times, but I ended up with the second girl. 7 years later, it ended. I wasn't looking for anything but sex. Ironically it didn't really work out for me haha

My second "relationship" I picked her up at a party too. I was not looking for a relationship. Was a fireball of a relationship. She changed me in many ways. In fact, I am who I am today, because she catalyzed me.

Pengrah - picked her up in a bar. Planned on a short term fling. 10 years later.

I am not in a place to talk about sourgirl...not yet......She was the only one I had a friendship with first...

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