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Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
It takes two to fight.

Remove yourself from the situation. Go stay with family and out friends. Out get yourself somewhere to stay.

Seek counseling... Either marriage or at least individual.

Stop making excuses and do the right thing.
I was thinking I should have included all of this while I was making my cofee. I was trying not to write a book.

We have sought counseling both of us and both personal and couples starting about 9 months ago. We have been physically separated for 7 months now and I have had my own place for over 6 of them. We are completely unintertwined financially. She will not let go.

I refuse to lie to her so she knows that I still love her but I won't say it either. I am also not an absolutist so I would never say we cannot work things out but I do not think trying to is in mine or her's best interest. However she has the love is all you need perspective and thus refuses to give up.
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