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We talked about this on the fb group I admin. For what its worth this is what I wrote about commitment

"Commitment comes with time, turmoil, and life lessons together," what Mark said, and "I myself want long term, happy, relationships, and if I'm going to have those things, it will be because of what I and my partners do to create those things, not because we've said we're going to create those things," what Matt said.

Commitment comes for me when I push through the hard stuff with someone and see to the other side a deeper understanding, respect and connection with another. People who are not willing to be emotionally open and honest with me don't generally make it in terms of my commitment to them, nor do people who I discover I just can't seem to connect with for whatever reason.

Commitment is not so much about partners as it is about individuals I love and am close to or have potential to be close to. The partnership part comes in when I completely trust them enough to let EVERYTHING go and believe that they won't leave me for it. I become very committed at that point for the long haul. Trust is huge for me, if that were to break I doubt I would be able to be committed.
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