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There seems to be quite the issue here with poly fi...Well, from a poly fi stand point, some us view non-poly fi as just a bunch of people cheating openly. I am not saying that is how all of us feel. We are unusual here, i think. We are two women and a man. The girls are both bi, the man is straight. The girls have sex together, and with the man. The man has sex with either girl and often with both together. We are not a V, where one has sex with the others. I don't know how to describe us here. We are not open to others, it is what is sounds like, fidelity. And while someone here says we are no different from mono. think about this, you are married, but all of your friends and family know that where you go there will always be three. it is a life long relationship that you have to explain to everyone who knows, or catches on, that like mono??? I think not. The people who i see here mostly seem to be in open marriages, and get to decide occasionally to have sex with a third. this is consent to by the others. But many of these people have it as a secret. in poly fi, it can't really be a secret, it is a commitment to living openly very differently, and that is soooo not mono...
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