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Im in [your town] too! I just moved here from uireland! Are you still online? id love to chat! im R---- byb the way =-)
Profile says he moved here from Ireland 2 months ago. 3 cute pix, he's 29.

So a few days later, I responded, "Welcome to the US, R."

He responded

thanks! do you text at all?? you know im in [your town] too right??
and I said

Yes, I know you're in [my town]. What brings you to the area? I just moved to [my town] myself, in early May. I used to live in [former city], but wanted something a bit more "country."

I really like it here!
he says

yeah me too! I inherited an estate here so it only made sense to come here to the states... I also have a pair of horses in T--- massachusetts. Whats your number ill txt you
Then I looked at his profile again. Its says he's in Washington State!

So I said

Why does your profile say you're in Washington state?

What are you looking for in a relationship? Just friends to hang out with? I'd like to know more about you before giving you my phone number.

2 days later, no response.
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