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Thanks jkelly and Ygirl. You both pose some interesting points to contemplate. I think I have yet to define where I identify. If I was seeing another woman, I would be fine with the second GF seeing other men. The issue I have is with my Primary, the woman I love. So by definintion, I am not seeking "many loves" but more than one partner.
If I find another lover with the blessing of my GF (we'll cross that bridge eventually) I guess I don't know how I would feel if I fell in love with her and she still wanted to see others. It seems that since the relationship began with that premise, it would be OK for her, even if I did love her. The psychology of all of this is truly fascinating.
Ygirl, you make an excellent point that I can't "lay down the law" and since she isnt interested in another man, I wouldn't really have to. I explore this only because I have a strong sense of what's fair and equitable but now know I wouldnt be OK with sharing HER. I don't seem to have that same concern with her finding another GF though if she so chose.

It sounds as though I seek an "open relationship" and will reserve the right to re-define that later.

Thanks again.
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