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Originally Posted by johnrodriguezlax View Post

Are there threads here dedicated to people in... polyfidelitous triads?
No. It's a relationship that is so hard to manage, as are quads, that there is barely a community of successful triad-havers.

The only one barely attaining success is BaggagePatrol's blog, and she's had more triads (and quads, and even Vs) blow up than succeed. (Sorry, BP, but it's true.)

The HUGE majority of poly people here have Vs or Ns going, that is, they might have 2 lovers, and be an arm or a hinge of a V, or one of the 3 might have yet another significant lover, becoming an N or branching out even more.

I'm in an N. I've got 2 lovers, and one of my lovers has a wife. None of us are poly-fi.

Do you want to be in a poly-fi triad?
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