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Originally Posted by wildflowers View Post
I did actually think of passing on the letter, but I'm not wild about the formality of that within a conversation. Plus writing is often so useful for me in hashing out my thoughts that I don't necessarily need the letter as a tool once I've written it; I can probably say it in far fewer words. And since I came back and looked at the letter and cringed, both at the screaming insecurities and at the stuffiness of it I'm glad I didn't use it. I may yet pass on a few excerpts that might be useful, but the whole thing would be a bit much.
Do whatever is easier for you. Sometimes, I write stuff out until it's clear to ME what the core issues are...then I'm better able to communicate them either verbally or via email or messenger conversation. Your letter as a whole might be a bit too much to throw at him all at once, but maybe if you break it down into a few key points meant to start a discussion, it may be a useful tool... Either way, good luck
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