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Default Well this is different

Day....2? 3 ? sorta lost the time line it seems. In any event the discussion continues.

I have a question. I have no issues and or feelings of fear, loss with the sexual side of things, but as soon as i start seeing this as another relationship I start getting bent. I'm trying to process this but lack the poly centric language experience to accurately discribe what I mean.

Sex OK! Two thumbs up. Another man caring for and holding my wife? Not so much. Yes I want her to be with someone who actually likes and appreciates her but can't they just.... I dunno, fuck and then go for coffee? This emotional work is complicated ground, i could use some direction here. thanks.

P.S. We went on another date yesterday and had a mind blowing time that went into the afternoon and late into the night.

Edit: My wife has said she's perfectly alright with my getting a girlfriend. No, I'm not making that up. that's what she said. I said I already had one. Her. Am I missing something here?

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