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I read this with interest. My father-in-law will probably pass in the next month or so - he has stage IV esophageal cancer and has already outlived the original timeline given to him by doctors. I am completely out with every person that knows me, including extended family. It is also known to my inlaws that my boyfriend lives with my husband and I. However, there is no doubt that my boyfriend will not be welcome at the funeral as my mother-in-law hates that I am poly.

I worry about how he will want to be there for my husband, his metamour, and how he won't be able to be present. We only live 20 minutes away from where the services will be held. This will make things easier though - he will be able to be helpful and supportive at home, at least. My husband does so much on a day to day basis around the house, and I am sure he will just fall apart with grief.

Anyway, the article got me thinking about my own situation. I don't think it was whiny.
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