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Woah, a whole debate went on after I went to bed. Can I clear a few things?

I don't consider myself asexual. I label myself as bisexual and biromantic, though even that isn't set in stone since I haven't met anyone outside the gender binary to determine whether I could be attracted to those individuals. I have a flexible attitude about my sexuality.

It's not that I don't want sex-- trust me, I do. I was very sexually attracted to my past boyfriends and am sexually attracted to my current girlfriend. My point was that I was taught to wait for someone special for such an intimate act.

As for my being okay with things like petting and not actual sex acts, that's my choice because I put sex on a different level than close touching. I can't really explain why-- it's just the view I evolved based on what I was taught when I was raised.

In addition, I didn't say I have a soul mate ideal. That's what I thought when I was little and enjoyed fairy tales a great deal (I still like fairy tales but that's beside the point). I'm young and naive, but I know enough that soul mates are a concept invented by romantics and that there isn't one perfect person for every other person. A lot of romantic situations wouldn't exist if that were the case.

I do, however, believe in loving certain people very strongly and not wanting to share parts of yourself unless you trust that person/those people well enough. I'm a virgin by choice that allows certain types of touching because the pleasure I get from masturbation is the kind of pleasure I want to share only with a certain person or people. It doesn't always make sense, I'm aware, but sex shouldn't be required to share a wonderful romantic connection.

I've given myself plenty of pleasure in the past few years by myself-- I have no strong desire to share that pleasure with a partner unless I love them a great deal, but that also doesn't mean I don't enjoy the idea of sex with another person.

That's enough ranting from me.
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