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Anne: I am blonde, so you can imagine me sound like a TOTAL blonde when I say "To-tall-y!" A month and a half is too soon to be tearing apart our agreements, and pushing to talk about something that no one has expressed any desire to pursue seems like a strange move.

Red Pepper: The on on one sex in the bed that was happening was largely because there was SO much sexual energy being exchanged that it was just looking for the nearest, most willing conduit. I can totally understand that, but it still didn't make it okay. That said, because we are so big into communication, we have broached this subject of the possibility of one-on-one sex over the past couple of days, and my husband has told me flat out that he is not interested in pursuing an independent sexual relationship with S. I am also not interested in that. S is also not interested in that. We are very much about co-creating a three-way sexual relationship, which is swifly becoming a three-way love relationship as well. Should this change, I absolutely expect the adults involved to be able to speak up with their desires, and don't believe that any of us are creating an atmosphere of non-communication for each other.

In response to your earlier post, I did think that it was a distinct possibility that you were trying to be funny, but as there was quite a strong response to our agreements from a lot of people, I might have been feeling a *wee* bit judged We're obviously a bunch of free-thinking, opinionated, self-aware people, or else we wouldn't be participating in polyamory in the first place, right, so I'm all about hugging it out with you on this one
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