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Sleep didn't really happen last night. My mind was too busy. I'm feeling like there's no one who really understands my situation and it bugs me when they say that they do. I got an email from my husband's new GF and most of it was really nice and I enjoyed reading it but I got hung up on her saying that she understands how I'm envious. She thinks it's all about the relationship, it's really not. The relationship has just thrown the way I feel into much sharper relief. I felt the same way when he was out with friends every weekend while I was home and when there were pictures of him on the beach in Mexico when it was winter here and I was home. I'm just feeling it far more often these days. It's not a good thing to get hung up on something so small where it's leading to me losing sleep over it. Yep, less time with my thoughts would be a good thing. I'm bad company to myself. Hopefully I'm better company for others!

I'm guessing there must be someone else out there who really has gone through the same experience as me. I just feel really alone in it. So if anyone else out there has a SO who goes away for half a year at a time and has 2 small kids let me know ok? I love my kids and I love being a parent but I must say it's really hard to be "trapped" at home once they're asleep.

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