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When i was 20, someone "did" my astrology chart, and even though it was "just for fun" (i don't "believe" astrology any more than i "believe" the catholic church or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. But is it significant that i capitalized one and not the other? You decide.), it had some interesting things to say that might be useful to you, and others. One of them was:

You might do well to not feel that you must have an absolutely secure grip on everything that is happening to and around you at every moment, nor feel that you must be able to put it all together in order to provide some new insight for all of us.
^^ This was in regards to Sagittarius sun with Pisces moon, if that means anything to anyone.

It also says:


Partnership is very fortunate for you and your love life has been a path of least resistance because you are very creative and express yourself well. Your partners tend to be very intense, and your style of relating to them is also very intense. However, there tends to be a sense of mystery and idealization surrounding "the other" blah blah etc. there's more but i forgot it.

Anyway these two things in particular i thought of when i read these last few posts. And i have thought of them at various times over the years. I know we don't have the same birthday, but aren't they like a year and a day apart, or something? Some of this could apply to you, or ANYONE, i think these are not uncommon personality traits.
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