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The origins of Malfunktions are pretty self explanitory. At a time when most of my world was falling down around me I came to the realization that it was just me malfunctioning.
I didn't understand why I couldn't hold down a single relationship longer than a few months. I wandered and admittedly cheated
Then it hit me. I realized early on that I was not a monogamous person. I got bored waaay too fast, and can admittedly say I *still have a wandering eye.
Three months later I was barefoot and pregnant. The worst situation for a non-monogamous 20 year old. I lost touch with reality, thinking I was broken and royally screwed. How do you have a baby with someone you are terrified you'll lose interest in, possibly cheat, and move on. Most of all how do you have a baby at 20 after only knowing the guy 3 months!?
Fear not, because he pulled me out of my down ward spiral, loved me and we've been mono for almost 6 years.
I liked it so I kept it as a reminder of how easily life throws you lemons and how there's always gonna be someone to show you how to make lemonade.

Mal- because it's the first three letters of my real name. *claps to whoever can guess it*.
I was also way too into James Brown at the time hence the funk.
It's just me, my ramblings and the elevator music in my head.

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Me: bi, reformed wild-child turned mom and house maid LOL
Crux: straight/hypersexual, possibly mono?
BC: our son, 5 years
CM: second son 9 months.
Mouse: girlfriend! Status new, feelings not so much.
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