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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
Indeed. It is obvious from that statement and from things you have explicitly said throughout your time on this forum that you view redpepper's relationships with other men in a distinct hierarchical fashion, and I suppose that is prob'ly where the sentiments mentioned in the above quote are rooted.
Exaclty correct! Thanks for putting that into perspective for me. I definitely see her husband as Alpha and that is what makes this work for me....I have no problem with taking up the secondary role and see unique privileges to his position as her husband....veto, and access to information and such. There's is also the matter of trust as well. I don't trust easy and Redpepper' s husband is the person I trust most outside of Redpepper.

Thanks Ygirl....I like the word hierarchical..think I'll use it, just not infront of Redpepper

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