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I'm still trying to decide where exactly I fit in religious wise, so far I seem to have a hodge podge of ideaologies and beliefs that work for me, some wiccan, some pagan, some buddhist, some from here, a few from there, its very hard to fit myself in any one 'box'

basically i beleive in a higher power, as to what or whom it/he/she/they is/are I have no idea, I beleive in Karma, I beleive in the power of the moon, I beleive in reincarnation, I beleive in some place souls may go when seperated form the body, tho how long they are there or what kind of place it is I am extremely unsure and confused about, I beleive in affirmations, I practice things like using stones and candles to make an environment happy, I beleive in ghosts and spirits, I'm not sure I beleive in a heaven and hell as much as simply an in between place for souls that are between bodies, religion and spirituality get very mixed up and confusing for me, so, no idea where I fit really
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