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Originally Posted by River View Post
Welcome aboard, Casey. Nice to meet you.
Thanks. Nice to meet you too!
Originally Posted by River View Post
Does she know about your poly inclinations?
Yep. When she met me I had "7 girlfriends" (as she likes to put it). I'm still technically married as well... lol

One thing I learned from all my shenanigans in Taiwan is that honesty is the best policy with women (it fucking blew my mind when I found this out!)

Perhaps if I was a better lier and more organized (at the time) I would have been a high functioning cheater. I don't think I have a moral problem with lying and cheating it's just... so much work! lol
Originally Posted by SweetNsourinNY View Post
Very eloquently put
Thank you.
"Let your supreme goal be to make others happy in order to gain happiness for yourself." - Paramhansa Yogananda
"When doing good don't seek fame, when doing evil don't get caught." - Zhuangzi
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