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I do my best to be as transparent as possible about everything I do, so a google search of "miltownkid" will sort the "who."

The why is completely different. I wasn't planning on doing a serious introduction (who read's intros!) but... it's always good to practice writing and I don't believe I've ever put this story to "paper" before so here it goes...

At 22 I somehow ended up married to a women 15 years my senior and living in Taiwan. That was an interesting experience. I eventually "cheated" (that felt terrible! ) and had a very bumpy few years of sorting that out.

During that time I extensively researched and pondered the nature of relationships and love. It was during that time that I stumbled upon the word "polyamorous." Reading everything I could about the subject made it cleared and clearer to me that I was in fact a polyamorist.

Unfortunately that doesn't bode well with current societal norms and it's quite an uphill battle trying to... "make it work." It's hard enough finding someone to "make it work" with that's monogamous, now how am I suppose to find someone who is, not only poly, but also into the stuff I'm into (a halfrican american daoist gamer that... you get the picture).

Anyhow, after that experience cheating I vowed to never cheat again! (And I haven't.) I ended up in an odd love triangle for a spell where none of the girls were polyamorous, but I was clear with them about how things were (at least that's the story I tell myself now, I'm sure I wasn't a debonair as my memory is making me out to be).

I eventually moved back home. Had some relationships where I explained to people my "interesting" situation. I'm in a monogamous relationship now but... I always have at the back of my gut that calling "Casey... Casey... you're poly." lol

I sort of wrote off the whole idea of being poly for a while because it didn't seem economical at the time (it wasn't). Now... I don't know. I truly believe it's the relationship model of the future (when everything is done ethically).

I mean, more support is better than less for everyone. Right?

Well, there you go. An introduction. Every now and then I hit the internet looking for a nice poly community. I've thought about starting one myself, but... I have more than enough interests and communities to keep me busy for eternity (or at least until when I die).

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