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Originally Posted by Fidelia View Post
Keep in mind, Io55, that thier relationship had issues before you came on the scene. Your arrival may have exacerbated the situation, or even revealed problems that had not yet been identified, but you did not create thier troubles. So give yourself a break on that front.
Hi Fidelia, thanks so much for your kind words. I guess its my special little brand of narcissism that makes me like to think everything is my fault, and i thank you for reminding me to keep perspective...unfortunately M doesnt really see it this way, and im not sure if our relationship may have been damaged beyond repair... but for now im trying to take some time alone to deal with my own issues and really become comfortable with myself (living alone for the first time ever at 26 really helps for that )
As for unobtrusively keeping in touch, i think im doing the right thing, by being frequently present online, yet waiting for one of them to initiate conversations..its a little awkward right now, and we haven't been chatting much, but they seem to be getting along, so im glad
thanks again!
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