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Heyla and Welcome!

As Quath said, communication, lots and lots of communication, honestly, theres no such thing as talking too much, err not that I've found.

Jealousy may or may not be an issue, if it is, be honest and let your partner/s know, and just try to figure out how to not let it overshadow everythign else.

as to where to find folks? okcupid is good sometimes, theres also alot on there looking for a quick hookup, so tread lightly if your wanting more. I'd also suggest any local festivals, for instance there is a Highland fest about an hour from us here, and we have a Renessaince Festival in the end of summer here. You'll find alot of open minded people at such gatherings, at least thats been my finding. Be open, be yourselves, a new love may find you before you know it.

Good luck to you both, may you find all your looking for
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