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Originally Posted by missgxxx View Post
My boyfriend and I have an amazing sex life... So amazing that the only thing that could possibly make it better is to share it with another person. I am very into the idea, although a little nervous since neither of us have had a poly relationship before. I know this has been a fantasy of his for many years, before we were together. He is so happy to have met someone that is very open sexually. We think a woman is what would work best for us. He has told me that he is much more interested in watching us and he doesn't know if he could even touch her. We'll see... Any advice as to how we can bring someone into our wonderful relationship? We are in NY if that is any help...
Its time to get social. I believe NY has a number of poly groups, based on region. If you google you might start your search (sorry I don' tknow the groups, I am on the wrong coast)

You are looking for an ideal which is term a unicorn. Lots of information on here about that particular search. Beyond that you might want to start with the books

"opening up"
"ethical slut"

They are two books that give a decent foundation for non-monogamy and in turn polyamory.

And lastly, a good sight to start understanding polyamory is Xeromag

He has some great info, glossary of terms and some interesting perspectives.

After that, read through threads on here, search on here and find what you are looking for in regards to information. Welcome the world of Polyamory.


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