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Feeling rather better about the whole thing... did a lot of thinking last night due to waking up at 0430 and not being able to get back to sleep*. At one time I'd've got myself all twisted in knots by 0500 with worst-case-scenarios and other irrationalities but I was Very Sensible about it and know how I want to approach this (slowly, carefully, ask B to join me for tea rather than going straight for the hot date... something I suspect we'd both enjoy more anyway... try to have no set expectations of what will happen, etc.). Very briefly spoke to Mrs. D this evening and I'm going to leave it a while longer before raising the subject again... currently stressed out with my employers' inability to actually pay me so probably not the best time to be trying to seriously discuss this anyway.

*Now that I wear contact lenses almost all the time (monthly disposable, leave in all night type things) I have discovered a brand new horror associated with the common cold: waking up with not only a painfully blocked nose but eyes liberally streaming sticky fluid.
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