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Hey guys. Thanks for the support. The reason I agreed not to tell K is that K was in boot camp. Seemed a shitty letter to receive when all you want is joy pouring out of your envelopes, you know? She graduated last week, so is back on the grid, but we haven't had any time the three of us since her family was there for graduation. K is not local and may never be. But she can leave base soon, and is planning a visit.

My gut said tell her right away. But given the boot camp, the agreement seemed fair. Now there is no boot camp, and there was more agreement breaking. Less severe but more nonetheless.

Do I inform G that I'll be telling? Do I ask G to tell first and I will follow up? We are going through a move, as stated. But also coming up on a would-be-happy-reunion sexfest with K. I honestly don't think K will be nearly as upset with G as I was, but agree she deserves to know. Regardless of the ethics of G's request for nondisclosure, I've made an agreement to her. Fair to say I need to ask her to lift the agreement before telling K? I almost sent K a long message today but refrained until I heard from you guys.
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