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This trip has mostly been a bust. Husband, my father and I all got sick yesterday with slightly different things. Husband and Dad both had tummy trouble, but didn't seem to get sick the same way and within 24 hours were fine, and I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and congested and swearing it was head cold round 5. So, we didn't end up getting to see BIL, SIL and our niece after all, which I guess I'm a little disappointed about but honestly, I was feeling a little socially worn out in regards to family.

Friend wise, I didn't feel like I got to see anybody. I talked to a bunch of people on Facebook, and YGirl invited me out for roller skating, but none of it ended up panning out because I wasn't feeling well...

I go home tomorrow night, bus leaving at 8:30. Going down around 4 so Husband and I can have dinner with Dino before I leave. Husband's staying in NH a little longer to get everything worked out with selling the car. Going to be very glad to have that expense out of my hair soon!

I'm looking forward to getting back to NY. I've been feeling a little flustered this trip because of my computer situation. My Macbook's battery died about two weeks ago, and that's normally what I tote around... I have a Dell Mini, which is what I've been using this trip, but it's awful to type on so I've been alternating between using Husband's laptop and Dad's desktop... which I don't really like doing because neither are my computer. So, I'll be glad to get back to mine!
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