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I'm back home for Christmas... For the most part, I've been enjoying myself. I bussed up on the 24th and had some alone time with Dino and spent the night outside of Boston.

On Christmas Day, we drove up to my parents in NH and had a pretty wonderful day. Opened presents, had dinner, went upstairs and had a wonderful cuddle with Husband and Dino, and just hung out mostly. Dino ended up spending the night, and it was so much fun... kinda like a slumber party. So much fun.

Today my best friend from childhood stopped by for a visit, which was very nice.... and then my in-laws which I wasn't so thrilled about... and then Dino went home. Been sorta on edge since the in-laws where here.... I had really wanted to go out and do my own thing around the time they showed up, but then couldn't... so I ended my day kinda drained and not wanting to do anything but at the same time wanting to go out and do something.... I hate that sort of conflicted feeling... Nevermind feeling a little culture shocked... Evenings out start soooooooo early here. It's 10 PM and I feel like I should be getting ready to go out instead of sitting in my PJs and posting on a message board.

Tomorrow we're supposed to be going to the inlaws to see BIL and SIL and our niece, which I'm only quasi looking forward to...
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