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It's been an interesting weekend overall...

Friday evening started out with the plan of going to a whiskey tasting with one of my coworkers, but when we got there the whiskey tasting was over.... but they had a cognac tasting going, which was very yummy. We then went to a craft fair and I started my Christmas shopping. When I got back to the hood, an impromptu Christmas gathering was starting at JD's apt with our neighborhood crew (there's 5 of us who hang out regularly). Drank some whiskey, played some video games and talked... Then they decided they wanted to go out.... I resisted but they dragged me out anyway, but I couldn't get into the bar because somewhere along the line recently, I must have lost my ID. Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! The whole situation was kinda awkward because I was upset and frustrated and just wanted to go home, so one of my friends rode with me in the cab home because I was so freaked out.

Then, yesterday I went over and talked to JD about the anxiety attack I had the night before... I was more embarrassed than anything else. Then another friend of mine came over and we watched TV and he ended up spending the night sleeping in my recliner because he didn't want to trudge home in the snow.

I was all set for a quiet day by myself today... but shortly after my friend left, JD calls me asking if I want to go get some coffee. He was supposed to leave this morning for FL, but his flight got cancelled so he's still here... so now I'm just bumming around home for a bit, and then he, my boss, and I are supposed to go see yet another friend of mine play some jazz tonight.
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