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Originally Posted by BreatheDeeply View Post
Is there more background you could provide? A bit of relationship history maybe? You feel you're getting the short-end of the stick being the FWB/Secondary to JP? I guess I'm not certain how all this came about and maybe it would help to get more details.
JP and I became involved while I was living with my former primary partner E. I've posted about the demise of my relationship with E in a few other threads. Without going into too much detail, JP and his wife J have always had a sexually open relationship due in part to a large difference in sex drives and J has always held veto power. I will admit that I sometimes have insecurities with being a secondary where my metamour (and really good friend) has complete veto power. At any point, J could tell JP "no more" and his and my relationship would have to shift back to just being friends.

On the other hand, as far as I know, J has never become friends with any of the girls that JP has previously been involved with. She now refers to me openly (with our friends) as JP's "mistress" and encourages our communication - between her and I, between him and I, between her and him, and between all three of us.

6 months in to whatever it is that we're doing and it's pretty hard to describe - but overall it seems to be working. I do still worry about that veto - but it's something that she needs.
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