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Originally Posted by kidsoul View Post
None required! I'm enjoying reading everyone's responses, and tangents are always a part of any interesting discussion. I can't believe how smart and caring people are on the forum. The advise I've gotten is invaluable. I was headed toward an utter breakdown before I posted.
That's so wonderful to hear!

One more small piece of advice on the question of how to discuss the fact that you're hurting without throwing "emotional slings." You want to be fully honest, but balance honesty with compassion. For instance you can say "This has been harder for me than I've been able to articulate, either to you or to myself, and I think it would be very emotionally difficult for me if things continued this way" without using the phrase "roiling cauldron of negative emotions." The former will make her think, the latter will make her feel guilty or even guilted. Keep any dramatic impulses to a minimum and address things calmly and you should be fine.
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