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So yesterday and last night = whole new level of connection between Violet and Adrian, which spilled over to me. This just keeps getting better.

There is now open talk of Adrian moving in and nobody is objecting. In fact, I am hearing happy noises from Violet and Lana about the idea and there may have been some discussion about paint colors in one of the presently empty rooms, lol.

Lana finally got to spend some alone time out with Adrian, which went as amazingly well as we all thought it would. They were last to connect with each other on a personal level and there was some concern over how the two "3rd's" would handle one another, especially as there is (as of yet, we're starting to wonder about Lana though, lol) no romantic interest there. No huhu - they had a blast.

On the one hand, this is moving REALLY fast - it's only been a couple of weeks since 1st date. On the other hand, we've all spent more time around her in those couple of weeks than most people would spend with a new flame in 2 months, lol. Literally, she's been with us almost constantly since first date, never more than 24 hours apart yet. She fits into our little troupe so naturally that noneof us can believe it's only been 2 weeks, lol - it really does feel like we're 6 months into this relationship.

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