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I had a break down of honesty and I got caught up in trying to keep the peace when I should have been trying to be open and honest. LR and I had a blowout about it.

I took a hard look at how and why things had gone the way that they did. Found the problem and went about fixing it right away.

In doing so, I managed to open up the lines of communication between LR, E , and myself. In the end E and LR made a date to hangout, when LR comes up next month for her doctors appointment, I got the complete approval of E from LR. ( Which means alot me to me) and I learned a hugh lesson about myself and the rewards of COMPLETE honesty.

I had a nice moment with E, when she came to the hospital. I was there for my mother in-law and E happens to work there so she came by and took me to her office and fixed me some tea. We had a great talk and then we both texted LR about our time before we parted for the evening. Afterwards LR and I spent an hour or more talking about life, love, our goals and what we want to do with OUR future. Its was awesome!

Its sad that we will be leaving and E will still be here but the good that we can do for eachother in the time we have is worth it.

Peace and Love

" NO WORDDIES BE HAPPY"- My 2 year old baby girl
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