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Default Jeesh

People! You must to delimit to conduct research. That is how research works! You can't do research without setting parameters or else it's meaningless and has no context.

Livingmybestlife- no one said it was a "random sample", and "queer" is a widely accepted positive term, at least where I'm from. In fact, it's in the term hall of fame! Once negative, now reclaimed as positive, as some poly folks hope the term "slut" will someday do.

Lovingly,-members, this is not your paper, so don't tell the OP how to do it. I feel like everyone's being argumentative when all that was respectfully asked is do you want to participate. It's not like this one research project will define polyamory for all humanity. Cripes.

Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
I might mention that if you want more real value other than a passing grade for a class from your research, you may want to consider dropping your age restrictions you originally posted.

I suspect that what you would find is that particular subset (broad generalization that should hold) will be a group that is still 'finding their way' in general - in life as well as polyamory. Correspondingly, you will likely find much corresponding with the mistakes, misunderstandings, lack of experience/knowledge etc. In other words, many of the struggles and horror stories so prevalent.

What a fucking ageist, insulting crock, GS. Does not hold. (deleted outrage) Oh, nevermind.

Swheeler11-Good luck! I would also be interested to know what you find and I'm sure people would appreciate your posting your survey questions on this thread.
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