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She sounds a little like she is a cult leader... I wonder if she was TRYING to make a baby so as to keep you both close and committed because she has a child by you both.

I agree with Ari, if this was a situation where everyone agreed to a D/s relationship whereby she is lord and master and you are her slaves, then I would have more patience. If I think of it this way I actually don't skirt the razor blade edge of losing it. Interesting thought Ari as really, you have all agreed to stay in it by NOT doing anything to change it.

Fuck it, I'm giving you my opinion anyways. I think if this were me I would take my child and leave. I would go to my parents house, stand in the door way and say, "I have really fucked up...I need your help and so does your grandchild." If they are a loving family that supports you then they will help. No grandparent that I know of can leave their grandchild in need.

I suspect she will hit the roof and you will still put your pay cheques towards supporting their seemingly insane world, but at least your child will be safe and you will be too. That way, maybe you can work on getting a back bone and supporting your child and yourself to a future you can be proud to be raising your child in... one that will make her proud of her daddy one day rather than her blowing you off later in life because you didn't stand up for her right to a sane childhood.

There you go, my opinion... take it or leave it.
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