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Even before Cricket came along, I had privacy issues. I think this comes primarily from the fact that I had NO privacy growing up - I wasn't allowed to lock or even close my bedroom door often, my mother would randomly pick up the upstairs phon ereciever when I was talking, ect. Now, I just don't like people getting into my private affairs and my stuff. It tooka long while for me to be comfortable with Mo reading my emails and using my phone even after I came clean with everything. Honestly it still bugs me at moments, but that is my problem, not hers - I don't have anything to hide from her, but it's a knee-jerk reaction. I still do my best to stay "off the grid" publically as much as I can, and the idea of a background search just pisses me off... unless you have a damn good reason, get the hell out of my past, it's none of your nosy business! I understand if I'm going to be watching your kids or something like that, but that's really the only time I'm OK with it. My prospective employer at a minimum wage crap-job does not need to know about my personal life.
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